Hubless BMX Concept

Posted on February 11, 2010 in Transport design

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Russian graphic designer Nikolay Boltachev is making waves in the industrial design quarter with this amazing hubless BMX concept. While this project is still very much on the drawing board — Boltachev is researching hubless wheels or magnetic bearings — we here at Format think the idea is rock-solid and wish him all the best of luck in getting this into production. Source


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Comments (4)

  1. bob says:

    how does the drive train system thing work theres no chain or sprocket unless its invissible

  2. […] showing the Hubless BMX Bike, another concept bike is floating around the net, this time a Hubless road bike by Bradford Waugh. […]

  3. waner says:

    How can i make the footjam trick with this??

  4. Ken says:

    Oh my aching ratio! A huge gear at the end of my drive train has stolen all my power!

    There is a reason when you put the chain on the biggest ring in back and the smallest up front that you have to peddle more to make that big ring move around. Its good for going up hills, really slowly. Thats about it.

    Some Yale students did this for real, and had to create a rather ugly double crank drive train to overcome the low gear effect of driving a wheel from the rim rather then the center.

    How many peddles to turn that rear wheel once around? 30-40, over 50? Somewhere there is a rodent that has paused on his treadmill to have a laugh.

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