Individual Commuter

Posted on June 23, 2010 in Transport design

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The pace the number of vehicles is increasing on urban roads, the day is not far when people have to get around using personal pods powered and guided by an electric grid embedded in the city street system. Designed for Honda, the “Individual Articulating Commuter” by designer Phillip Seagram is an identical personal mobility vehicle concept to commute on cramped city roads. Designed to be charged when parked inside an IAC garage, the electric vehicle features a split door system to keep it compact even when the doors are open.

In addition, the compact vehicle alters its shape, from horizontally flat to vertically upright, according to the speed. Running on wheels with built-in motors, the city vehicle allows in-wheel drive and includes a hidden balance wheel for a safe drive. The Individual Articulating Commuter measures just 4.85 inches in length, which is just ideal for traveling to office or marketplace and back.source


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