Renault DeZir Concept

Posted on July 15, 2010 in Transport design

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DeZir is a two-seater coupé powered by an electric motor. The exterior is characterized by smooth yet sculptural shapes inspired by liquids, with a dynamism underlined by the bold white and red contrasting colors. The two gull-wing doors open in opposite directions and are inspired by a ying and yang-style harmony. The front-end design has a strong graphic character and previews the new front-end identity that is will become a trademark feature on the future Renault models. The interior has a futuristic look and is dominated by white color. Among the distinctive elements is the one-piece, two-seater front leather benchseat.source


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  1. Tim Tindle says:

    WOW ! this is a beautiful car. aggressive lines and elegant features you absolutely capture the ying and yang you were aiming at. Bullseye!!

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