Hubless Road Bike Concept

Posted on October 26, 2010 in Transport design

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After showing the Hubless BMX Bike, another concept bike is floating around the net, this time a Hubless road bike by Bradford Waugh. Instead of using some sort of magnet, the Hubless Road Bike Concept pictured will use geared rollers for a smooth ride. More interesting than the hubs, the crankset is hooked up to a roller which will power the hubs.


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  1. Ken says:

    You know, some concept of gearing and gear ratios would be nice… driving the wheel from the rim is making the bike very low geared with a huge engineering obstacle to overcome to get a proper gear ratio. This being created for a unique look. This is bad design at its worst. Taking whats good about a system, what is efficient and cost effective and works, and changing it so much to make it look ‘cooler’ that more mechanisms need to be added to make it actually work. That tension created by the lever action of the round wheel supporting the rear end of the bike as a cantilever from a position as far from center as possible, is scarey. What exactly is it to be made of to stay round like that? Learning the very basics of bike physics and maintenance is not to much to ask of a designer before he or she decides to create a new bike design. Its actually the bare minimum.

    How is this in any way better then a wheel that rides on a center axle?

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