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SOLARIS is an object that uses solar energy inorder to create new working / leisure spaces. It allows you to work in theopen-air, by creating a shading space and providing a power source forelectronic devices. In the Mediterranean States the sun can easily be the mainpower source for our project. Lately, different policies of free internet serviceproviding are becoming standard for big citiesand local communities (the electronic gardens initiative, in Lisbon, offers wirelessinternet connection for free in every park in the city). Hence work can be donewithout the need for travelling long distances, reducing dramatically the CO2emissions and fuel consumption: use less, get more. This is how SOLARIS isborn, as a design contribution towards sustainability. SOLARIS works as a sun-shading system for the outdoor spaces: cafés,parks, beaches.source It can be used by everyone who works / plays with an electronicportable device like a laptop. It is targeted at executives, students andeveryone who likes the open-air.  Inproviding energy points, wireless connection and sun shading, SOLARIS allowsyou to work outside the office, promoting new experiences and creating newhabits for a more sustainable and socially inclusive city landscape.  Finalist project of the CIFIAL International Design Competiton “Feel the planet Earth”


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