Renault Frendzy Concept

French automaker Renault has just unveiled its latest zany electric concept. Called Frendzy, this electrifying vehicle is a 14-foot-long whimsical design study that showcases some of the automaker’s innovative technologies. Renault pitches the Frendzy as a multi-purpose vehicle, saying that it transforms from a workaday vehicle to a family-hauling machine on weekends. Renault describes the Frendzy’s transformation like this: On weekdays, Frendzy is a vehicle that adapts to the requirements of the business user, with a large external screen that can display useful messages or information or advertising messages, either while parked or on the move. Come the weekend, the vehicle transforms itself into a family vehicle, with a comfortable passenger seat and, in the rear, a big bench seat. Depending on their mood of the moment, children can watch a film or play games on the touch-sensitive pad which slides out from the back of the driver’s seat. They can even draw on a special slate integrated into the sliding door.


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